Holidays in Masuria

Holidays in Masuria. Where to spend your holidays in Masuria?

Holidays in Masuria. Many people, already at the beginning of the year, start planning their holiday trips. Most ask themselves where to go on holiday this year? Some choose to go abroad, others to holiday in Poland. The sea, the mountains or the Masurian Lake District. Certainly, everywhere is beautiful. However, it is worth coming and spending your holidays in Mrągowo. Active leisure in the open air. Access to many bodies of water. Biking, walking and canoeing. Mrągowo is the heart of holiday concerts, cabarets and rallies. The season starts already in May. We can spend this time on the water, on a jet ski or a yacht. We can ride the Mazurian cycling loop. Or explore the countless monuments, boardwalks or natural assets. Book a holiday in Masuria.

Holidays in Masuria. How to spend time away from the city?

For those who appreciate peace and quiet, we offer for rent, a modern house on Lake Krzywe. Proximity to nature, forests and animals – guaranteed. The house is located in a quiet part of a small village Krzywe near Mrągowo. Here you will find space for up to 16 people. The spacious lakeside house has 5 bedrooms. Each of the bedrooms has a separate bathroom. Our facility is year-round. We welcome guests at any time of the year. The living area is located on the ground floor of the house. Here you will find a place to relax, a sofa, a fireplace and a TV. Of course, there is a fully furnished kitchen where guests will be able to prepare meals. An indoor spa area with a swimming pool and sauna. In the basement of the lakeside house, you will find space for evening entertainment – mini bar, ping-pong table, TV, billiards and dart. In addition, there is a jacuzzi on the outdoor terrace especially for our guests.

Flats with jacuzzi and sauna

For discerning guests in the very centre of Mrągowo, flats for rent have been created. Only here will you feel like in a luxury hotel. But privately, only with friends, family or co-workers. Apparently in the very centre, but in peace and quiet. When you rent the Pod Napięciem Apartments, you will spend unforgettable moments in Masuria. We are in the centre of Mrągowo. You can stock up on breakfast at a nearby bakery or shop. Local organic vegetables and fruit are available at the market just a few steps away. For lunch or dinner you can choose from numerous restaurants in the city centre. All in the neighbourhood. Up to 5 minutes on foot.

Where is it worth going to Masuria with children?

There are many places worth visiting in Masuria, especially for families with children. Holidays in and around Mragowo are a great option for families with children, as the region offers many attractions both in the town itself and in its surroundings. While in Mragowo, it is worth taking a walk along the Mragowo promenade by Lake Czos. You can get to the other side of the lake by water tram. Sail out onto the lake and admire the beauty of the area from a different perspective. At the stops Ekomarina, Amfiteatr you can get off and admire the beach on Czos on foot. At the same time you can enjoy a good meal, rent a boat or pedal boat and the children can play on the large playground. The Western town of Mrongoville and the Lemur rope park are nearby. We encourage you to visit the vantage point on the Bismarck Tower, where you can admire the panorama of Mrągowo.

Luxury lakeside house with pool

If you want to relax in the Masuria region, it is worth considering renting a house on a lake. The price will be comparable to renting a flat in a hotel, but much lower than flying abroad. It is increasingly possible to rent a house on a lake where you will find many attractions nearby, including a restaurant, playgrounds or communal beaches. Many attractions include the facilities themselves. Many houses for rent are real residences. Inside you will find a sauna, jacuzzi or even a swimming pool. Saunas, outdoor jacuzzis are, by now, rather standard. For the right price, of course. Rental prices are not likely to be overwhelming. Two families with children will find accommodation in the facility. Some facilities have room for 15-20 people.

Mikolajki summer capital of Poland

While in the Mazury region, a visit to Mikołajki is worthwhile. In the summer season, we will stroll along the promenade, have lunch in an Italian restaurant. In the evenings, we can listen to beautiful sailor music – shanties, on Mikołajskie Lake itself. By the way, we can enjoy a cruise on the Masurian boat. This is an opportunity to discover the true beauty of the Masurian lakes. For fans of water sportsscooters, water skis or rental of yachts, motorboats or pedal boats. Nobody will be bored in Mikołajki. In the low season, we can use the swimming pool, indoor ice rink or ski slope in the Gołębiewski Hotel. There is plenty of nature in the area – forests, lakes, wild beaches and animals. Plan your holiday in the beautiful Masuria region!