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We offer you four luxurious air-conditioned flats located in the heart of Masuria - the town of Mrągowo and a house on a lake in the village of Krzywe.
Book your dream holiday in Masuria. Flats in Masuria - sauna and jacuzzi Mrągowo. Lakeside house with a swimming pool and sauna.

We invite you to discover the magical world of luxury flats in picturesque Masuria, in the heart of the charming town of Mrągowo and the charming house on Lake Krzywe, just outside Mrągowo. These extraordinary places offer not only stunning views, but also an unforgettable experience for body and soul.

Feel the surroundings of the beautiful lakes envelop you in peace and harmony when you stay in one of our exclusive flats in the heart of Mrągowo. With luxurious finishes and fully equipped, each flat is an oasis of relaxation where you will sink into blissful tranquillity after an eventful day.

On the other hand, if you desire even closer contact with nature, we offer you our beautiful lakeside house. Located just a few kilometres from Mrągowo. Our unique residence offers not only beautiful views that you will never forget, but also direct access to the lake. Here you will swim in the crystal clear water or enjoy a lazy afternoon on the private jetty.

Whether you choose a flat in the city centre or a house on the lake, we guarantee you unforgettable moments where every sense will be awakened to life. Our facilities are designed to meet the highest expectations and provide you with comfort and luxury at every turn.

Plan your dream escapade to Masuria now and experience what our unique venues have to offer. Discover the beauty of Masuria at its best - with us.

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Apartment "PLUS"

Apartment "MINUS"

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Apartment "UZIEMIENIE"

Apartment "PIORUN"
House by the Lake Masuria

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Apartaments: Plus, Minus, Uziemienie

ul. 8 Maja 3, Mrągowo, Poland

Apartment Piorun

ul. Królewiecka 12B, Mrągowo centre, Poland

Lakeside house Masuria Under tension

Krzywe 19D , 11-700 Mrągowo, Poland